Witnessing one of my best friends get engaged.

How many people get to say they seen the magical, goosebump overload moment of one of their best friends getting engaged?! My job really never fails to amaze me. I count myself so lucky to be able to witness so many wonderful occasions in peoples lives. It's moments like this that make all the stress that comes with being self employed disappear.

Although this was such a beautiful moment to be a part of, the planning & anxiety that came with keeping it top secret was real! I was having the most ridiculous nightmares all week after Lewis gave me the ring to keep a hold of until the shoot.

Lewis got in touch with me letting me know his plans to propose to Lisa once the ring arrived. The only worry about being able to document this moment & pull it off with Lisa having no idea was that we had just done a shoot for fun a few weeks prior. How was I going to arrange another shoot so soon after the last without making Lisa suspicious?!

Being a pretty switched on person, we managed to completely fool Lisa into believing I had a photo contest coming up that I wanted to enter. I told her I'd pictured a photo of a couple up on the Hill of Doune in Macduff & since they were such pros during their last shoot I really wanted to use them for this. Explaining that it would only take 10 minutes & acting as if I was worried Lewis would be fed up of having his photo taken, we had her totally convinced.

The walk to the hill. Oh my goodness. MY BRAIN. After all of my nightmares, every possible way it could have went wrong was running through my head. Could Lisa see the outline of the box in my pocket? Could the wind blow my jacket & the ring fall out? Hold on, is the ring even in the box?! I never checked before I left to make sure.

After what felt like the longest walk, we arrived at the perfect spot. I got them to cuddle into each other. This is the pose I wanted to use to 'win the competition'.

Spy that box behind Lisa's back? It's the ring! I told Lewis his hands were annoying me and needed repositioning. I got in close to hand the ring over to him. Meanwhile Lisa was raging thinking they were doing a bad job of posing for the photo I'd envisioned. Next prompt, 'Look at each other.'

Goosebumps? Yep me too! What an incredible moment, the emotion in Lisa's face is priceless. Earlier in the week we had been discussing who we thought would be the first to get engaged & she had absolutely no clue it was going to be her.

"Did you know about this?!" Noooo Lisa. What a surprise, good photo op though Lewis!

Time for an engagement shoot!

Mission well and truly succeeded! Brownie points to Lewis for pulling off this amazing proposal. So honoured to be a part of making it happen. Now the countdown begins for the Lawson Wedding at Meldrum House in June 2024.. Couldn't be more excited or happy for this pair!

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